About Me


Hey there!  My name is Jamie Lee.  Welcome to my blog.

A little about me:

I like coffee, backyard chickens, dogs, and gardening.

I live in Chateau Tabitha (yes, we named our house) with my hubby, Will. Chateau Tabitha sits upon a regular size city lot in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (140′ x 50′) in one of the oldest neighbourhoods in the city, and we love it here.

I have two dogs, Kingsley and Ziggy, and four chickens, (in pecking order) Liesl, Greta (unfortunately, Greta passed away in December), Ginger, and Marianne.  Although, if Marianne doesn’t learn to keep her mouth shut soon, she may end up as soup!  UPDATE: Marianne had to go.  We have a new girl now – Scruffy. She’s super shy and a wee bit crazy, but quiet.

Dreambles is my blog about living a sustainable and stylish life in the city.  We’re hopping on the growing bandwagon of city dwellers doing it for themselves – urban homesteading at its finest.

I think I’m turning into a hippy.

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